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Legal [4]

Terms of use [2]

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Licence questions [2]

What does "Combine licenses" mean

that means...

What happens if I renew my license do late

If you renew your license (fail), the standard license of 'free.account' is assigned to you. Thus, you can no longer edit your menu.

Menu editor [7]

Questions about templates [0]

How do I format... [2]

How do I turn on the "Menu mode"?

, or press [CTRL], and then

How do I change the font of a menu

Select the desired text, then
or, if you want to change the entire menu:
then select
and type of text. then

How do I add... [4]

How do I create a new dish or drink

First select a food group, then click

How do I get to a new page frame

thereafter with the mouse or "touch" to draw a rectangle

How can I add new fonts

Choose in the main menu:
the point
Font Assistant. Then, you see a list of installed fonts. Click
. and if start search
, should be your font not yet in the list. Then:
, you can add fonts E.g. by Google.
you will see two lists; left the available fonts, right that selected for your restaurant. Convert the fonts with a click or drag and drop. You can see the Endergenis
. "If the list fits:

How to create a new dish group


How can I remove... [0]

Other questions for the editor [1]

How and when will data be deleted

There are 3 deletion alternatives: A) applies to the license type of "sandbox". These data will be deleted 3 months after the last activity. (B) applies for the license type "account". These data will be deleted one year after the last login, the last activity. You will receive "Warning messages" a month and a week before. (X) applies to all business licences. Generally, this data is not deleted. BUT: If a company license will lose the validity it will be replaced by license type "account", so deletion will be B variant)

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